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  • Steroid injections may provide longer lasting benefits for hip pain than current best care

    Steroid injections appear to lead to significantly greater pain relief and movement for up to four months than current best care in adults with hip osteoarthritis, finds a trial published by The BMJ today.

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  • Exercising With Knee Pain: Do's and Don'ts

    Plenty of studies show the enormous benefits of regular exercise on knee health and the protective advantages it can offer in keeping the structures, tissues and ligaments of the knee protected from damage now, and later in life. As long as you clear it with your physician first, you might be surprised at the knee pain relief and active lifestyle benefits that can come with introducing exercise into your daily routine.

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  • Updates on Management of Avascular Necrosis Using Hip Arthroscopy for Core Decompression

    Osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) is caused when circulation within the femoral head is disrupted. Etiology of this disease is characterized by either traumatic events or atraumatic risk factors, such as chronic alcohol consumption or glucocorticoid use. ONFH commonly presents as pain in the groin, gluteus muscles, and/or knee with reductions in internal rotation range of motion of the hip.

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  • What are some natural treatments for osteoarthritis?

    Some people with osteoarthritis (OA) find relief from natural treatments, such as physical therapy and acupuncture. Many experts recommend a combination of drug-based and natural treatments for people with OA.

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  • Low D3Cr muscle mass/weight significantly increases risk of hip and potentially other fractures in older men

    Older men with lower amounts of muscle mass have significantly increased risk of hip and potentially other fractures, new research led by investigators at Sutter Health's San Francisco Coordinating Center (SFCC) in San Francisco, CA has shown.

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