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Gloria P

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    Dr. Paul took care of me 7/5/2018 around midnight at Baylor Waxahachie. I have Osteoporosis, my leg broke and I was thrown on the floor across the room from my phone. I am dependent on oxygen and my ox line was torn from my face and I was several feet away from that. After resolving my air issue I set about resolving my issue reaching my phone. I live alone and in the country, no one to hear me. My cane was in reach. I stabilized my leg with my cane and about an inch at a time scooted across the floor until I could reach my phone with a swift sweep of my cane. Called the EMTs about 2.5hrs after my break, it really was a painful experience. Thank you Dr Paul and your staff for taking such good care of me, the rod that he put in my leg healed well and I am walking again. I see him this month for a 2 year follow up. I recommend Dr Paul to anyone.
  • Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • PenState Health
  • Emory University

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