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    i had went through at least 3 dr.s to tell me i had to get my left leg amputaed for a 23 yr. thats harsh especially the truamatic accident i was in. i sad no way there is a dr. and thanks to kazeywitch (?) in irving said ok theres one dr. i know that my help. he sent me to my angel. having done alre...
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  • Verified Patient

    I was told my other doctors and insurance company that amputation was my only option. Dr Freudigman told me that was wrong and he would save my arm. I met many other patients in the same situation as myself. He is the most caring doctor you could ever ask for. Sometimes the waiting time can take awh...
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  • Verified Patient

    In the world of doctors there's the good, the bad and the ugly. Dr. Freudigman is none of them, he is great. I was in a traumatic accident and have been his patient for several years. I can not count the number of patients of his I have come in contact with that it were not for him they would have l...
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    Dr. Paul is the best. He did surgery on our son after breaking his tib and fib last year in a football game. He was a true professional each and every visit we made to his office. Surgery was very successful and our son is playing again this year without any issues. Had a little scare the other day ...
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  • Verified Patient

    Saved my leg I was in a terrible car accident . Dr freudigmam was on call, at Baylor where I was taken. I was told that my leg needed to be amputated. Then came dr freudigman who said no amputation and did a wonderful job, in caring for me. Bedside manner and communication was great. My recovery tim...
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  • Verified Patient

    Saved my leg 10 years ago. I went to 2 doctors that we're going to amputate my foot due to a shattered ankle (22+ pieces). Dr. Freudigman said that he could save it. Today, I'm working out, can run multiple miles with relative ease, almost gained full mobility. No one knows that I was injured unless...
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  • Verified Patient

    Dr. Freudigman and staff are great! They. Are walking me through the process of a lower leg amputation with great professionalism.
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  • Verified Patient

    I love love love this office. Dr Fruedigman saved my leg. While others said it should be amputated, he would not give up. No he's not going to baby you but I was not there to be fussed over. I wanted to keep my leg and that's what this great doctor did. His staff are the best. I would recommend him ...
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  • Verified Patient

    Dr Freudigman is one of a kind in orthopaedic knowledge and talent. There are not enough words to describe his expertise, dedication, and compassionate care. He takes each case as a personal goal of healing. He saved my husbands leg 16 years ago after suffering with 27 years of osteomyelitis. Then 1...
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  • Verified Patient

    Dr. Freudigman was on call at Baylor Dallas (in 1999) when I had an accident. Other doctors present were discussing WHERE to remove my right arm and left leg. Dr. Freudigman arrived and stated he could save them and he did just that. Not only did he save them, I use both, normally, on a regular basi...
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