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Joshua J

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    Dr. Paul Freudigman is truly a Godsend. He corrected a huge hip surgery that another Dr out of Greenville Texas messed up on twice. The rod was put in wrong and for months caused me hell pain and suffering. Dr. Freudigman got me in as soon as possible and was a gift from God. He had to take out the rod and put in a plate and 15 screws in my left femur to align my hip properly so my hip will heal correctly. He is so intelligent and has a big heart for those who are in pain!!!!! I had surgery on march 18th and it went well. I'm in pain but it's a healing pain. God Bless Dr. Freudigman and his Psyhcians Assistant Stephanie Alvarado!!!!!!
  • Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • PenState Health
  • Emory University

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