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    i had went through at least 3 dr.s to tell me i had to get my left leg amputaed for a 23 yr. thats harsh especially the truamatic accident i was in. i sad no way there is a dr. and thanks to kazeywitch (?) in irving said ok theres one dr. i know that my help. he sent me to my angel. having done already 3 surgeries and 2 more to come dr.freud. said no problem i can save your leg i can fix it tears just poured down and he shined like an angel and proud to say i have the best doc having seen so many docs and hospitals i wish i could of had the choice to choose baylor and dr freudigman but being unconscience and careflighted left me no choice but just glad that i was lead to him cuz with out i wouldnt have a leg or both to that matter. trust me if you need help hes the one and there staff like family they work with you instead of deny you thanks to DR. FREUDIGMAN AND STAFF!!!!!!!
  • Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • PenState Health
  • Emory University

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