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  • Verified Patient

    I like the staff and the Doctor very much. Always a great atmosphere.
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  • Verified Patient

    The care was exceptional and very professional
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  • Verified Patient

    He is the best. No one else can do surgery on me
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  • Verified Patient

    Dr Freudigman and his staff are remarkable; don't know how they do so much.
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  • Verified Patient

    Dr Freudigman has been the most caring and concerned provider along with his staff since my first visit in 2019
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  • Verified Patient

    Caring and professional pain free surgeon. I love him
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  • Verified Patient

    The Dr. Freudigman is the very best surgeon and his assistants are top notch and work very well together to bring the best care for the patient possible! No negative problems at all!
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  • Verified Patient

    i had went through at least 3 dr.s to tell me i had to get my left leg amputaed for a 23 yr. thats harsh especially the truamatic accident i was in. i sad no way there is a dr. and thanks to kazeywitch (?) in irving said ok theres one dr. i know that my help. he sent me to my angel. having done alre...
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  • Verified Patient

    I was told my other doctors and insurance company that amputation was my only option. Dr Freudigman told me that was wrong and he would save my arm. I met many other patients in the same situation as myself. He is the most caring doctor you could ever ask for. Sometimes the waiting time can take awh...
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  • Verified Patient

    In the world of doctors there's the good, the bad and the ugly. Dr. Freudigman is none of them, he is great. I was in a traumatic accident and have been his patient for several years. I can not count the number of patients of his I have come in contact with that it were not for him they would have l...
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